Foodies Unite: Mónica Kisic About How to Take Care of Our Food and Our Planet

In the first part of her interview, Mónica Kisic told us about her involvement in the zero waste movement and what led her to found Roots Radicals. Now we want to know what she is expecting from an inventory management system, her next plans – and a quite personal revelation about her background.  


Salvatore Alaimo (SA): You already said you have a PhD in molecular biology and originally had a scientific background. How did the switch to the kitchen come about? I’m particularly interested in that because I did something completely different before I followed my passion for good food – I was an investment banker before… 

Mónica Kisic (MK): True, the beginning of my career sounds very academic – and it is. But research also has a lot to do with creativity. I am a very intuitive person, feel closely connected to nature and believe in the power of the individual and the community. 

Apart from that, the love of food is in my genes, just like you as an Italian – we Peruvians also have a great passion for it; our ceviche is virtually your pasta. Our pachamanca has even been declared a national heritage. And please don’t get me wrong, but Peru has been named “Best Culinary Destination in the World” by the World Travel Awards (WTA) nine times since 2012. In 2020, we had to give way to Italy for once. 

The linking of food and culture, of tradition and modernity is very close to my heart. Both my grandmother, an amazing cook, and my mom, who is very passionate about cooking too, have influenced me since my early childhood.  

And that’s how I ended up in the kitchen. I think it’s great to change direction. People change – sometimes we need some time to follow our real ideals. 

SA: What do you think of our Storate inventory management system?

MK: There are many ways to take care of our food and our planet. We can buy locally grown and biodegradable food. We can give up meat or eat less meat. We can reduce our waste by buying less packaged food. Each of these choices helps protect our planet and improve our health. 

With Storate, you get to the root of the problem by going directly to the food service industry. There is a huge potential there. As I said, I was shocked at how much food is wasted in the kitchen. That’s why I think your idea is great; if more and more restaurants, canteens and businesses optimise their stocks through an inventory management system, they too can save a lot of food from spoiling or being thrown away. Foodies unite! 

SA: 2011 you initiated a crowdfunding to push your idea further. Where are you today, what are the next steps?

MK: Yes, we did a campaign last year that exceeded our expectations. Our goal was to raise funds to expand our production. That worked well; we were able to expand our community with many committed people and are currently planning our move to our new, larger location and negotiating a location. From here we want to continue working on our dream: That is a Zero Waste Hub in Berlin: an open kitchen, a shop and a café, as a place to produce, work and meet.

About Mónica Kisic Aguirre

Mónica was born in Lima, Peru. She holds a PhD in Molecular Biology and a Masters in Science (both from the Universidad Autonoma de Madrid). In addition to her scientific career, she is a trained chef with a Master in Cooking: Technique, Product and Creativity from the prestigious Basque Culinary Center Institute. She furthered her knowledge of plant-based nutrition at the Matthew Kenney Culinary School. Mónica has worked in several Michelin-starred restaurants, including Blue

Hill At Stone Barns (New York, USA) and Nerua (Bilbao, Spain). At IK Restaurante in Lima, she was creative director and head chef, continuing the legacy of the iconic Iván Kisic, who was not only her close cousin but also her mentor. She has been based in Berlin since 2018 and founded Roots Radicals here in 2019. 

Mónica will take part in our pilot project and test Storate in her kitchen at Roots Radicals. 

Do you run a restaurant yourself and also want to experience how our inventory management system can save you time and money? Then get in touch with us!

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